The Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoos for Drug Test

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Hair follicle tests are harder to beat than your average drug test. And companies are getting smart – they’re starting to use this testing method more often, given that a lot of people are trying to bluff their way past urine drug tests. As simple, non-intrusive, and effective at detecting drugs, hair follicle tests might seem like an unbeatable wall to the hard-working stoner.

Luckily, they aren’t. One of the best ways to defeat a hair follicle test is using the best hair follicle detox shampoos: a special shampoos that gets rid of the toxins in your hair that would make you test positive for drugs. But for something so important as a company drug test, you can’t have any old detox shampoo. You need the best of the best so you’ll be SURE you’ll pass.

That’s what we’re here for. We’ve looked through all the bottles that the hair follicle detox shampoo industry has to offer and picked out the champs among them. Here’s what we found out.

What Happens During a Hair Follicle Test?

adult washing hair with shampoo

The process is simple. The tester snips some hair off your head and then checks it for trace amounts of a variety of toxins you’ve taken. While these toxins get flushed from your body via urine and sweat after stopping for about 15 days, the traces remain in your hair for a much longer time.

That’s because the drugs in our system leave little bits of themselves behind called metabolites. These metabolites float in our bloodstream, and since our blood passes by our scalp, it dumps some traces of them in there. As your hair grows longer, the toxins grow out with them and become easier to find.

Are you ready for this? You’ll register positive for trace amounts up to 90 days after your last joint! That’s an entire season! Never mind missing your friend’s next party. If you’re in a situation where you need to take mandatory hair follicle tests, you might as well say goodbye to any recreational drug use.

What Do Hair Follicle Tests Screen For?

Typically, hair follicle tests detect for the following substances: amphetamine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, and opioids (codeine, morphine, 6-acetyl morphine). Detectable amounts of these can stay in your hair for up to 90 days, even if you stop taking them before the test.

Most of the time, companies will be using this to detect traces of drugs like THC and CBD. They’re one of the most common traces left behind by smoking weed, and their amounts can vary depending on the strain that you’ve been smoking. So take that into account before rolling that joint!

Why Would I Be Asked to Take a Hair Follicle Test Instead of a Urine Test?

The urine tests screen for recent drug use, which is still present in the bloodstream. The trace toxins don’t appear in the hair until about 5 days after but can stay there for up to 9 months. Many companies have shifted to hair follicle tests because of the popularity of detoxing solutions. Maybe they’d like to see which employees have been taking illegal drugs for a while or which just stopped to pass a drug test.

So How Does Detox Shampoo Work?

Normally your usual brand of shampoo and conditioner is too weak to get to the core of the hair fibers, no matter how much you wash. But detox shampoos are special: they contain ingredients that are powerful enough to get to the center of your hair strand and remove the toxins without damaging or shearing through.

Of course, this isn’t a one-wash miracle solution. You’ll need multiple washes to make sure that the detox shampoo covers your entire head, so prepare to spend a lot more time in the shower. But with the proper use and the right formula, you can be free of toxins and metabolites in a little under a week!

What Not to Do?

Drug tests are scary, but being caught because you did something dumb is even scarier. Your testers have already probably seen every trick in the book when it comes to avoiding being caught. So once you receive that notice, here’s stuff that you shouldn’t do:

  • Shave all the hair on your body—because nothing screams “guilty” like a completely waxed person taking a hair follicle drug test.
  • Start washing your hair regularly—to be honest, you should be already doing this, but as you’ll find out later, regular hair cleansing shampoo won’t cut it.
  • Drinking lots of water and trying to sweat it out—hair doesn’t work that way. The drugs can still be detected because they’re in the hair strand itself, not the oils surrounding it.

Again, there is a good way to beat that test, but it isn’t any of those methods above. Of course, you can always try, but chances are you’ll still get caught.

These Are the Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoos in 2020

The hair follicle drug test is one of the ideal ways to detect any presence of drugs in your body. It’s something that’s becoming more used in law enforcement and company tests, and it’s pretty good at detecting traces of drugs, even when compared to other tests like urine and blood samples.

Of course, this is less impressive and a lot more alarming if you’re on the receiving end of this test. Passing a drug test isn’t a walk in the park, and you’ll need to pass if you don’t want to get into trouble.

So what can you do?

Well, the first thing you’ll want to do is to calm down, because there’s still hope for you yet! Below we list all the best hair follicle detox shampoos on the market.

Customer Rating
Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo
  • This is the best hair follicle shampoo
  • Rapid results within a short time
  • Good formulation and strength
  • Money back guarantee
ultra clean hair follicle shampoo
  • Good window of effectiveness
  • Good formulation and strength
  • Cheapest of all three
  • clear choice hair follicle shampoo
  • Excellent alternative option to aloe rid
  • Still does its job of cleaning toxins from the hair
  • Can stand on its own
  • Good formulation and strength
  • How Do These Hair Tests Work Anyway?

    Hair follicle tests work by taking a sample of hair (usually from the crown of your head) and testing the follicles for traces of drugs like marijuana. Since drugs travel your bloodstream, they often end up in the strands of your hair as it grows out over time. You can flush out toxins from your urine and blood, but toxins stay in your hair for a long period of time.

    If you shave your head, no such luck either. Traces of drugs can be found in any hair from any part of your body, which is why this test is so ridiculously effective. For example, marijuana can take up to 5 days to show up in your hair strands, but can be detectable for months! That’s even if you stopped smoking.

    The Solution: Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo!

    You may remember from earlier that we specifically advised that shampooing your hair does not work. To be more specific: it’s the kind of shampoo that you use that matters.

    See, most commercial hair detox shampoo products can only clean the outer core of your hair. The inner core (or what we call the cortex) is the part that contains all the traces of drugs, and normal shampoo can’t reach it. That’s because if you want to get to that part, you’ll need something with a lot more scrubbing power.

    #1. Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid: Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo

    old style aloe toxin rid shampooThere’s only one best hair follicle detox shampoo that can break inside the hair follicle without breaking your hair itself, and that’s Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo.

    A trusted name in detox shampoos, Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo does one thing that makes it stand out from the rest: it removes trace toxins in hair without breaking down the hair itself. The formula requires you to do 3-4 washes a day for at least one week.

    Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo has a 99.99% success rate if you follow the directions for use. When you’re ready, you’ll be able to take that drug test with full confidence! This is the gold standard of detox shampoos, made in laboratory conditions and able to fool medical-grade equipment.

    This medical grade hair detoxification shampoo can target the drug toxins in your hair without destroying it. With regular use (we’re talking about 3-4 uses a day, for a week or more) you’ll have a much better chance of passing the test without getting caught. Sure, the price is a bit high, and taking more than two baths a day might seem a bit much, but to pass the test, it’s definitely worth it.

    However, a bottle is a bit on the pricey side. If this is a huge concern, you can check out some cheaper alternatives, but you can expect a dip in quality. Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo is, barring budget concerns, the only correct choice by a mile.

    If you need more proof, just read all the review left on the site itself by people who’ve tried the product themselves. And while there are other kinds of hair detoxification shampoo out there on the market, Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo has the most consistent results.

    Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website. Because of the price point, there’s always a danger of receiving imitation products if you buy from a different source. Buying from the official site guarantees the quality and authenticity of what arrives at your doorstep.


    #2. Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo: Best Budget Detox Shampoo

    zydot best hair follicle detox shampooNow, for a much more affordable alternative, you can’t go wrong with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo. This detox system uses three aloe-based components to extract toxins from hair follicles: shampoo, purifier, and conditioner. Note that these three should be used together otherwise you won’t get a good result. 

    Each component performs a different purpose. The shampoo removes protective oils and other surface substances to help the purifier access the inner hair follicles and remove the toxins. The conditioner then restores any moisture and protection the hair lost during the process, while also nourishing the strands. It’s a comprehensive package that takes care of toxins and your roots!

    But that’s a LOT of steps to do for a detox. Why do you need to use three things on your hair when Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo can do the same with a single application? The answer is the price point. Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo costs a fraction of Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo. Ultimately, it still does work but if you’d like to go the extra mile for ease-of-use and just flat-out better quality, go for Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo.

    You can now get Zydot Ultra Clean from the Official Website.

    #3. Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo

    clear choice hair follicle shampoo

    This one is also effective but is very middle-of-the-road in every way. Price-wise, it stands between the two previous products. It also requires you to apply one substance on your hair instead of three. However, think of Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo as an alternative if you can’t afford Old Style Aloe Rid.

    Clear Choice has a long history of making good detox shampoo – you can consider it the generic brand! While this means it’s more affordable than a lot of detox shampoos out there and works just as intended, it also means that it runs into a lot of issues. Namely, that since their formula isn’t that strong, it might not beat newer hair follicle testing methods out there.

    Another issue is availability. Because of how it hits that in-between spot, many buyers go for Clear Choice. And it checks all the marks for a good hair detox product, but the lower price means it runs out of stock fast. If you get lucky and snag yourself a bottle, Clear Choice isn’t bad, but not better than Old Style Aloe Rid.

    Which One Should I Go For?

    If you’re looking for quick and easy solutions, Zydot or Clear Choice are good options for detox shampoos. However, you can’t go wrong with the tried-and-tested formulation that Old Style Aloe Rid shampoo has. Aside from being formulated to strip toxins from hair, it also helps with the removal process, repairing any damage and strengthening your hair fibers.

    Just remember to always order STRAIGHT from the manufacturer of whichever brand you’ll choose. Aside from getting the real stuff, you get to avoid all the expensive third party premiums that resellers will slap on products like these. These already cost a lot of money – there’s no reason for you to lose any more than you have to.

    What Else Can I Do to Pass Hair Follicle Test?

    The thing that makes passing a hair follicle drug test so difficult is that they don’t usually give you a lot of time to prepare. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other methods out there.

    DON’T CUT YOUR HAIR. Seriously, that’s the best way to arouse suspicion if you’re about to undergo a hair follicle drug test. Don’t think toxins only show up on your head hair either. Even if you’re bald, testers will get the hair on your arms, legs, and even groin since they can also keep traces of toxins. They can really be that determined – trust us on that.

    But if just having the detox shampoo isn’t enough to calm your nerves, there are things that you can do to increase your chances of getting a passing grade:

    Look up the Macujo Method. While normal shampooing and hair washing isn’t enough to get rid of metabolites, there is a SPECIFIC way of hair washing that can help your detox shampoo work better. The Macujo method was first invented in the early 2000s to beat the first hair follicle tests, using a mixture of different shampoos, substances, and washing techniques to strip toxins from the hair. While it can’t beat any of the modern hair follicle tests today, doing this in tandem with using detox shampoo will increase your chances.

    Drop the habit for a while. If your company rarely uses hair follicle tests but picks you to get one, someone has likely caught on to your habit. Even after testing negative for a hair follicle test, companies will keep a close eye on the people tested for a while. And since they can ask you to take another test again, keep your nose clean… or hide your weed better.

    Buy extras. Depending on your hair, you might need more than one bottle of detox shampoo to get all the toxins out. And if you get tested for weed regularly, it’s always handy to have a spare lying around just in case. Fortunately, buying straight from the manufacturers of detox shampoo can give you a lot of benefits like discounts if you buy in bulk.

    Check if you’re going through other testing methods. Detox shampoos don’t do anything against other testing methods like mouth swabs or urine tests. If you’re going through a comprehensive drug test, prepare different countermeasures to the test you’ll be taking. For example, you might get Quick Fix’s synthetic urine to pass a urine test. Pays to be prepared!

    Learn more: Here we also reviewed the best detox drinks for drug test.

    Other Tips and Reminders About Hair Follicle Tests

    • Hair follicle tests can detect trace toxins that have gone through your system for as far back as 90 days before the test date.
    • The administrator of the test might not know of any maintenance medication that you’re taking, so let them know unless your results register as positive.
    • Drug toxins also become part of the substances that make up your hair and thus need specially made detoxing agents that will draw it out of the strands.
    • If your company requires you to take the test once you’re hired, you must be paid for the time. The company should pay for the testing.
    • Washing your hair with regular soap or shampoo will not help in passing a follicle hair test. 
    • Hair follicle tests can be very poor at detecting drug use if it’s quite recent, as the trace toxins will need to course through the bloodstream and out sweat glands and hair roots.
    • If your test result registers positive after 72 hours, the sample will go through another test called gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS). This will break down the specific drug toxins detected in the hair.
    • Lay off on the drugs for a while — as soon as you get that notice, just stop. Your body needs all the help it can get to make sure the toxins are flushed out, so the last thing it needs is you putting even more of the bad stuff inside it.
    • Test yourself — while you checking out some Old Style Aloe Rid shampoo, you might want to throw in a home hair follicle drug test as well. If you’re a light user, it might not show up in the results, which is good. On the other hand, you can do that test yourself after going through all the shampoo, which is a good way to check if it’s working.


    old style aloe toxin rid shampooWe RECOMMEND Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampooa product with not only a guarantee of 99.99% success, but also easy to use. It’s simple and effective to use making it the best support shampoo to help you pass a hair test.

    You can get it directly from their Official Website at a discounted rate.


    While hair follicle drug tests are scary, the proper use of detox shampoos can guarantee that you’ll be snipping off those roots with confidence. Remember to always use them as instructed and don’t let up on the washing till after testing day is done! With the right bottle and the correct wash, you’ll never worry about these tests again.

    There’s no reason for you to lose your job over a little drug use, and while these tests can sound scary with how effective they are, they can be beaten. Sure, it’ll require a little money and some changes to your showering schedule, but that’s much better than the alternative.

    Good Luck!