What Are the Best Detox Drinks for Drug Test? Do They Really Work?

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Conducting surprise drug tests is becoming a common practice in workplaces today due to the increasing rates of illicit drug use among professionals. Such a trend is unfortunate for marijuana users in the workforce who use the herb for medicinal purposes or as a recreational activity. Even though the medicinal value and safety of marijuana have been proven countless times, a heavy stigma surrounds it to this day, and many workplaces still consider evidence of marijuana use as grounds for disciplinary action.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are faced with having to take a drug test too soon after your last use of marijuana or any other illicit drug, and your employment or reputation is under threat, you have a handful of practical options. Bear in mind that each of these carries its own risks. These options include substituting your urine sample with one that isn’t yours (either by using synthetic urine, or urine taken from someone clean), or using a detox drink before the drug test.

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    So, Do Detox Drinks Work?

    Before you seriously consider taking a detox drink to wriggle your way out of this tricky situation, please know that only some of them work. Taking this route is not the most highly recommended thing to do because of the high failure rate of many detox drinks on the market. When hiding the presence of drug metabolites in your system, a lot of ground has to be covered carefully, and many detox drinks for drug test fail at their job because they miss one or two steps in the process of detoxification. However, a choice few of them work beautifully; these products are discussed at length below.detox drinks for drug test

    Factors that Affect the Results of Your Workplace Drug Test

    The biggest factors that will determine the difficulty of the detoxification process ahead of you are your body fat percentage, the kinds of drugs you take, and the frequency of your drug use. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, is the hardest to get rid of out of all the drug metabolites. This is because it is fat soluble: the fatty tissues in your body would absorb it and would release it back into your bloodstream slowly over the course of several days. Because of this, THC can be detectable in the urine of chronic users even after 30 days of sobriety or more (learn more). Compared to THC, other drug metabolites are more easily flushed out. The following is a list of other drugs and the length of their stay in the body:

    • Barbiturates: 2-4 days
    • Cocaine: 3-4 days
    • Heroin: 3-4 days
    • LSD: 1-3 days
    • MDMA (ecstasy): 3-4 days
    • Methamphetamine (crystal meth): 3-6 days
    • Morphine: 2-3 days

    Of course, the amount of drug metabolites in your system would largely depend on the frequency of your use. The more you have used it in the past, and the closer your last usage is to the date of your drug test, the more in danger you are of failing.

    How Do Detox Drinks Work?

    The truth is that detox drinks don’t actually rid your body of traces of the drugs you’ve used. The most effective detox drinks have compounds that “mask” the drug metabolites by preventing their release into your urine.

    Aside from these “masking” compounds, best detox drinks often contain diuretic substances as well: these make you feel thirsty and/or make you urinate more often. Caffeine, for example, is a diuretic ingredient. The frequent urination helps in flushing the metabolites out of your body.

    However, consuming diuretics alone has proven to be insufficient in helping people pass drug tests: the “masking” compounds are the most critical active ingredient in detox drinks. Many detox drinks on the market are not effective because they are nothing but glorified herbal energy drinks. Research the options you have as thoroughly as you can and steer clear of these bogus products!

    The most reputable detox drinks for marijuana test also take care of one important detail: making your urine seem normal. Many testing facilities now know better to test the concentration of minerals and waste substances in urine. A diluted urine sample, brought upon by drinking massive amounts of water hours before a test, can raise suspicion and is often grounds for an unannounced re-test.

    The detox drinks replenish the minerals you’d have lost after urinating heavily, causing you to produce a clean, inconspicuous sample.


    Because the ingredients and the range of functions of detox drinks vary from product to product, the instructions for their consumption and their effectivity windows vary as well. The instructions, which are frequently very detailed, are usually a variation of:

    • abstaining from drugs for an x amount of time
    • drinking the product x hours before the test itself
    • subsequently drinking an x amount of water within an x amount of time
    • expecting to urinate x number of times afterwards
    • getting yourself tested within the prescribed effectivity window

    It is recommended that you follow the instructions of your chosen detox drink to a T and that you schedule your consumption carefully in order for you to pass your impending drug test. It might be tempting to drink much more water than the indicated amount right before the test in order to flush out more metabolites.

    However, remember that by doing so, you are also flushing essential minerals out of your body and making your urine sample unusually diluted. Feel free to drink as much water as you can, as long as you do so at least a day before your test and not moments before.

    Best Detox Drinks for Drug Test

    2 products frequently stand out from all the other detox drinks in the market: Detoxify’s Mega Clean cleansing drink and Pre-Cleanse supplement pills combo, and Clear Choice’s Rescue Cleanse detox drink. These are especially popular because of the speed in which they work, the plethora of helpful tips they include (regarding your diet and exercise routine before your drug test), and their high success rates even among people who weigh more than 200 lbs.

    Both of their manufacturers even have money-back guarantees if the products don’t work for you! That kind of confidence, which is a great indicator of the products’ reliability, is rare in the arena of detox drinks.

    It is important to note that because of their fame and reputation, these two products are frequently counterfeited especially on Amazon. To ensure that you’re getting a top-quality product, it is recommended that you buy them directly from their sites: Testclear.com for the Mega Clean drink-and-pills combo, and Testnegative.com for Detoxify’s Mega Cleanse drink.

    This is especially crucial for the Mega Clean combo: only Testclear.com sells the pills with the drink. The drink alone, which is available for much cheaper on other retail sites, has very mixed reviews from customers.

    #1. Mega Clean Cleansing Drink with Pre-Cleanse Pills

    Mega Clean Detoxifying DrinkThis is the more popular of the two products because it only needs 24 hours of preparation, as opposed to the 48 to 72 hours required to use Rescue Cleanse. However, at almost $70, it is substantially more expensive. Furthermore, because of the addition of the Pre-Cleanse supplement pills, using this combo takes a little bit more work. The “masking” will take effect one hour after drinking the Mega Clean cleansing drink, which is the final step in the process. This “masking” effect will last all throughout a 5-hour window, but customer reviews state that Mega Clean is most effective 2.5 to 3 hours into the window. It is a small opening, so time your consumption very carefully for optimum results.


    The instructions to use it are as follows:

    1. In the 24 hours leading up to the drug test, abstain from drugs and take the six Pre-Cleanse pills four hours apart. It is recommended that you drink two glasses of water or more with each pill, to cleanse your body as much as you can.
    2. On the day of the test, drink the Mega Clean cleansing drink approximately three to four hours before your test.
    3. Wait 15 minutes.
    4. Refill the bottle of Mega Clean with water and drink it as quickly as you can.
    5. Expect to urinate frequently afterwards.
    6. One hour after taking the Mega Clean drink, you are ready to be tested!

    #2. Rescue Cleanse drink by Clear Choice

    best detox drinks for weed testAs stated above, this product is the cheaper and easier-to-use of the two. However, ensuring that it will work perfectly will take more time; the recommended abstinence period before drinking it is 48 to 72 hours long. This makes it a less viable option if you find out about your coming drug test on shorter notice. Also, its manufacturer does not ship internationally.  Aside from those drawbacks, it comes in as a close second to Mega Clean among the best detox drinks on the market.

    The instructions to use it are as follows:

    1. For 48 to 72 hours before your drug test, abstain from drugs.
    2. At most five hours and at least one hour before the test, drink Rescue Cleanse. Shake the bottle well before drinking!
    3. Wait 15 to 20 minutes.
    4. Refill the bottle of Rescue Cleanse with water and drink it within the next 15 minutes.
    5. Urinate at least three times within the next hour.
    6. Upon urinating, you are now in what Clear Choice calls the “clear zone.” You are now ready to be tested!

    Besides detox drinks, you can also check the best detox pills for drug test we’ve reviewed here.

    These detox drinks are tricky if you’re going to rely on them to beat a drug test, so be very careful and follow the instructions down to the letter and make sure you use a home test kit to check that you’re free of any drug!

    Good luck!