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Knowledge is power. Learn about Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Understanding the challenges will help you take control. We can teach you strategies to manage day-to-day and continue to enjoy life. Consider joining the 4-session MindSet to share your experiences and learn from others. Access our community and family education programs to take charge of your disease.
Exercise your body and mind. Join with others for theater, sports, music, discussion groups and more. Our online events calendar connects you with activities in your community. Give yourself the benefit of new activities; find new meaning in life by taking advantage of volunteer opportunities.
We can help you choose the path that meets your needs with your own personal plan of action. Speak with an Alzheimer’s Association trained consultant, in-person or by phone, to address your unique concerns and prepare for the future.
You can be a powerful voice for research and programs that will make a difference. We can help you to become an effective advocate for Alzheimer’s issues. No one understands this disease like the person who is living it.
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